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Our faith community is based on peaceful coexistence.We protect each other,find back to inner strength and confidence.You create a new YOU.We pass this on to our members,support us in this process of change.The world is changing,everything is changing.So we have to change too.FIND YOUR NEW YOU.

A new time has begun.
The coronavirus shows us how connected we are with all living things in nature. And it asks us the question of how we want to live in the future.
It may seem strange in the midst of a
admittedly out of control pandemic, to look for the good.
However, change is part of life, it can often bring a lot of good. Everything is reorganized, started anew. It's time for the new you.

Our Beliefs

For self-determination and respectful coexistence

In our society people are always degraded because of their gender or their gender identity, disadvantaged or confronted with assaultive behavior.Discrimination because of skin color or origin are the order of the day.We stand for a loving, respectful coexistence.We help each other, we are all visualizes.No matter what was in the past, everyone deserves a second chance.We stand for it as a "new me" to do better.

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: 8am - 11pm

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